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Airport Police Dog Crime Duty


Innocent airplane passengers are scared of criminals and terrorists. Playing as the trained professional police dog specially known as k9 German shepherd it’s time to maintain the peace with sniffing around criminals, robbers and thieves. Time to secure the airport from criminals and build a crime free area for the city passengers. Keep law intact and sniff around for suspicious items. Some thugs, criminals or robbers might try to sneak in with illegal items, weapons or stuff not allowed to be carried by passengers. Keep watch all the time for any unusual activity to disrupt the peace at the airport. Some criminals might try to make a run so it’s you speed skills to catch those criminals running away with crime activities.Dog are man’s best companions, and with police dog helping police officials. German shepherd and Rottweiler are the top breeds trained to help police in saving people from criminal activities and maintaining peace in cities and towns. Best known for speed, sniffing skills and great reflexes make police dogs worst for criminals. The real thrill is to find criminals and chase them before they perform their crime act at the city airport. Even for dog simulator lovers this is something new to enjoy and also help police department in catching criminals. Assist the police cops to reach the suspects and catch the grand city criminals. Stand by the police security check out and keep an eye on passengers checking in with their luggage to the airplane. Wherever the security beep blows run down and catch the suspected person. One of the security has reported a weapon inside the airplane. Go and sniff around to find the illegal item inside the plane. Enjoy the thrill of playing police dog and bring the peace the city airport.
♦ Chase and catch criminals at the city airport♦ Sniff around for illegal items and luggage♦ Play as the police dog in this dog simulator game♦ Real-time dog handling and crime scene environment♦ Help police official during crime scenes at the airport